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Dear Dr. Horowitz:

After suffering from excruciating back pain for a few days, I could not endure the pain any longer and decided to see a chiropractor.

When I entered your office last Friday as a walk-in, I saw that you were extremely busy, with at least a half dozen patients before me. I feared that, because I did not have an appointment, I would not be seen and would have to continue to tolerate the worries with the high level of pain I have been experiencing.

You made me feel like I was a guest at your home and immediately helped me back to one of the rooms. After you worked your "magic", my pain level decreased tremendously. As I write this to you now, a few days later, there is no pain at all in my lower back.

I want to thank you for your promptness in attending to my problem, in addition to re-aligning my spine to alleviate the agonizing pain I had felt in my back. You were professional, knowledgeable and kind.

In this day and age when people only seem to write letters of complaint, I felt like your actions warranted this letter of recommendation. Keep up the great work!

Best Regards,

Michael (last name with held for privacy)


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